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We Are A Kansas City Remodeling Contractor

We are an honest, professional Kansas City contracting company that can help you dream up, design, and build an amazing new custom space or structural addition for your home or business.

Trust Absolute Contracting With Your Kansas City Remodeling Project

Our skilled designers and experienced craftsmen will help you bring any renovation vision you can imagine to reality. Leave the stressful parts of the remodel to us. We are here to handle everything throughout the entire project so you can relax and enjoy your new space when it’s all done.

We know that remodeling can be stressful for property owners. There are many different paths and directions a project can go, including how and where it starts, what happens during, and how to get to the finish, but we are here to take the stress out of the project, and make it as simple and stress-free a process as possible for our clients. We are passionate about providing affordable quality remodeling services and construction services in Kansas City.

Absolute Contracting is here for you regardless of where you happen to be in your Kansas city renovation project. If you have already started working with a designer/architect for your project, or if you just have an idea that is itching your brain, we can help. We specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, but have remodeled and built all sorts of different commercial and residential spaces.

If you are coming to us from an Architect/designer or an engineer, much of the planning has already been taken care of. We will review the plans and materials, and provide you a project budget and timeline to help you move your project forward.

If we are your first point of contact, our consultation is a bit more involved. We will take the time to help you plan the project in full, getting to know you and your project goals, helping you establish a budget and timeline, and creating a design and materials plan. Once you are comfortable that the renovation plan we’ve created together, our skilled tradesmen will help you bring that plan to reality by building it!

Our clients love the work we have done for them, and we are confident that you will too. Please give us a call or drop us a message through our contact form below.

Why Choose Absolute Contracting For Your Renovation?

  • Integrity and Reputation – We care about customer service, and we are sincerely invested in making sure that our clients have exceptional experiences and matching results.
  • Skills and Experience – When you choose to work with Absolute Contracting for your remodel, you get more than just a general contractor loosely overseeing a subcontracted crew. You get us personally. Our own highly experienced employee tradesmen will be working on your job site right alongside our owner.
  • Value – We are a small and nimble team. We don’t have bloated layers of management or administration in our organization which keeps our overhead low and allows us to pass comparative savings along to you.

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