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Building Inspiring Kansas City Spaces

We are Kansas City construction/renovation, plumbing, and handyman experts creating unique and exclusive interior spaces and properties. We strive to create inspiring living and working spaces while delivering outstanding quality, workmanship and value for our clients across the Kansas City metro area.

Our in house team holds experience in a broad selection of trade skills like interior design, carpetry, masonry, plumbing, tile and stone work, and many more disciplines. Our bredth of knowledge and experience enables us to get a job done correctly, efficiently, and utilizing only our own staff members. We respect our clients enough to do the work they hired us to do ourselves, and the end results always shows our care and attention to detail.


Kansas City Full Service Plumber

Plumbing is one of those things that you would rather not think about. The only time people think about a plumbing is when they have a problem with it… and with good reason. Plumbing problems are highly inconvenient at best, or at worst are actively causing serious damage to your property.  Absolute Contracting has you covered. We are licensed Kansas City plumbers and can get your repair done quickly and affordably. We will also put your home or business back together fully after the repair.

There are a lot of plumbing companies, in the Kansas City metro area who will do a plumbing repair but will leave you with a hole in your wall or ceiling because they don’t have the trade skills to refinish interior surfaces after their repair. That is never the case with Absolute Contracting. We fix the pipes, and any collateral damage from the plumbing break or our repair efforts, so no one will know we were ever there.

Please call us if you need help with:

  • hot water tank replacement
  • leaking faucets
  • clogged or slow drains
  • toilets not working
  • high water bills
  • low water pressure

We can help you take care of any of these plumbing issues, as well as so many others. Please give us a call today or shoot us a message through our contact form.

Kansas City Remodeling and Construction Contractor


We know that remodeling can be stressful for property owners. There are many different paths and directions a project can go, including how and where it starts, what happens during, and how to get to the finish, but we are here to take the stress out of the project, and make it as simple and stress-free a process as possible for our clients. We are passionate about providing affordable quality remodeling services and construction services in Kansas City.

Absolute Contracting is here for you regardless of where you happen to be in your Kansas city renovation project. If you have already started working with a designer/architect for your project, or if you just have an idea that is itching your brain, we can help. We specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, but have remodeled and built all sorts of different commercial and residential spaces.

If you are coming to us from an Architect/designer or an engineer, much of the planning has already been taken care of. We will review the plans and materials, and provide you a project budget and timeline promptly to move your project forward. If we are your first point of contact, our consultation is a bit more involved. We will take the time to help you plan the project, getting to know you and your project goals, helping you establish a budget and timeline, creating a design and materials plan. Once you are comfortable that the plan we’ve created together is the right fit, we will help you bring that plan to reality by building it!

Our clients love the work we have done for them, and we are confident that you will too. Please give us a call or drop us a message through our contact form below.


Kansas City Handy Man Services

We are here to help with anything you need our assistance with. There are a lot of contractors in Kansas City who only work with customers who have large and involved jobs, but the reality of home ownership is that often between those large jobs, small maintenance issues crop up. Sometimes you have a door that sticks, sometimes a gutter has pulled away from the house, and every once in a while a rambunxious distracted child puts a hole in your wall or door.

Absolute Contracting is here for those moments. We absolutely do handy man work in Kansas City. We don’t shy away from small by the hour jobs, and we are happy to help you put a dent in your “Honey-Do” list… especially when Honey-Don’t seem to be getting around to them. Give us a call or use our contact form below to let us know what you have going on. We’ll schedule some time to come out and repair the little things that are giving you grief so your life can get back to happy.

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